Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awed by the RD celebrations!!

The splendor of Rajpath remembering India’s sons,
The majesty of the salutation of 21 canons,

The spirit, the unity, the strength, the panache
Of soldiers marking their bravery & brass!!

The heroism of the army, the cavalry & the horses,
The gallantry and the elegance of the airforces!

Soaring the skies, crossing all thresholds,
This feat of patriots is indeed a sight to behold!!

I am awed and humbled by this world of defense
Which shields and protects us from what we don’t even sense!

That rises with pride and magnificence each year, this day,
That allows us to be a republic, a place where we all have a say!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hard is not enough!!

We work very hard, but may be hard is not enough

At times we need to do more than; just be tough

May be what we really need is; to couple it with a vision,

And not just get lost in the trivialities of the season

To focus, to remember, to always keep in sight

The goal; the purpose; the pinnacle; the height

That’s ours for the taking, if we but dream it enough

And combine that dream with hard work and being tough!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Bliss of Monsoon

It’s the end of summer and the trees around,

Are colored by dirt from green to brown.

When suddenly one day, Thunder you hear,

You rejoice and smile coz monsoon is here.

The dirt is gone; it’s green and fresh,

The rain has washed away the mess.

It’s like the earth is now a musician,

And every element is aligned to a mission.

The falling rain is humming a tune,

To which the swaying trees are tuned.

Filling you up is the smell of earth,

The world is now taking a rebirth.

And if you really really let yourself go,

This season takes you on a wonderful tour,

That leaves you so fresh within and outside,

You’re ready again to take the world in stride.

Unleash Yourself

You definitely are ‘what you think you are’,

Unleash yourself, recognize your power!

If you think you can, you definitely will,

You can conquer all; mountain or hill.

The path is simple, think it is so,

The moment you do, the difficult will go.

This is nothing new, just packaging of old,

But don’t you forget that ‘old is gold’.

Tune in to yourself, recognize what you see,

Don’t just accept, don’t just be meek.

Once you recognize, ‘visualize’ your dream,

Actually see yourself eating the cream.

Write it down now; put it on paper,

Make it concrete, not just vapor.

Be sure you’re positive & not negative dear lad,

Say ‘I am happy’ & not ‘I’m not sad’.

Wording it in the present is the actual key,

It should be “I am” & not “I will be”.

21 days and your dreams are yours,

Today or tomorrow, the universe has cures.

It works for me; I believe it is true,

Unleash yourself; see if it works for you.