Friday, August 21, 2009

Unleash Yourself

You definitely are ‘what you think you are’,

Unleash yourself, recognize your power!

If you think you can, you definitely will,

You can conquer all; mountain or hill.

The path is simple, think it is so,

The moment you do, the difficult will go.

This is nothing new, just packaging of old,

But don’t you forget that ‘old is gold’.

Tune in to yourself, recognize what you see,

Don’t just accept, don’t just be meek.

Once you recognize, ‘visualize’ your dream,

Actually see yourself eating the cream.

Write it down now; put it on paper,

Make it concrete, not just vapor.

Be sure you’re positive & not negative dear lad,

Say ‘I am happy’ & not ‘I’m not sad’.

Wording it in the present is the actual key,

It should be “I am” & not “I will be”.

21 days and your dreams are yours,

Today or tomorrow, the universe has cures.

It works for me; I believe it is true,

Unleash yourself; see if it works for you.


  1. Simple, yet so meaningful! Really well written!

    Dr. Priteesh S. Chotai

  2. fantastic work ....keep posting ....cheers !!!!!!!