Thursday, January 26, 2012

Awed by the RD celebrations!!

The splendor of Rajpath remembering India’s sons,
The majesty of the salutation of 21 canons,

The spirit, the unity, the strength, the panache
Of soldiers marking their bravery & brass!!

The heroism of the army, the cavalry & the horses,
The gallantry and the elegance of the airforces!

Soaring the skies, crossing all thresholds,
This feat of patriots is indeed a sight to behold!!

I am awed and humbled by this world of defense
Which shields and protects us from what we don’t even sense!

That rises with pride and magnificence each year, this day,
That allows us to be a republic, a place where we all have a say!!


  1. Excellent expression of a proud Indian, Salima.Great going.

  2. Thanks mam!!.. The feeling was so strong that the words just flowed!

  3. I second your thoughts. We just do not realise their sacrifice.